When Oscar and Lily find a secret treasure map, they set sail in search of adventure. But the dastardly Captain Claw wants that treasure too, and his pirate submarine is soon on their trail . . .
An action-packed pirate adventure to delight young children.
The final cover design
The finished, printed book.
Half title page
Oscar & Lily set of on their adventure...
Something surfaces...
Oscar and Lily are taken on board by a bunch of salty sea dogs.
The fold out cross-section of the pirate submarine. MUCH bigger than shown here in real life! There's a bigger view available on Flickr here.
Cross-section detail.
Oscar and Lily are taken below deck...
Oscar and Lily in Captain Claw's cabin.
A portrait of Captain Claw.
The endpapers of the book showing the route of Oscar and Lily.
An early development sketch of the pirate submarine which is really the main character in the story. My idea was to have a submarine a bit like an crocodile which could crawl up onto the beach. Unfortunately there wasn't room to include this mage in the book and we ended up using just a small section of it.
Early sketches of a cross-section of the submarine.
An early cover design (front and back) which was meant to hint at the submarine without giving the game away. Rejected by the client for being a bit dull.  They were right!
Early sketches of Oscar and Lily...
Pretty much the final characters but we ended up removing the glasses from Oscar to make him a little less 'bookish'.
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