This was a pretty massive project for me and at that point, the most complex pop-up I had worked on with Nick Denchfield, who's brilliant concept and paper engineering work fired it all off. From my concept sketches to the delivery of final artwork to the publisher took around 18 months, although I wasn't working exclusively on this for the entire period of that time.  I've tried to show some of the work that was involved in developing it as well as final artwork and some photos of the finished pop-up.  
You can see more about the origins of this project here:
Next up after this one - a pop-up Pirate Ship...
Cover Artwork
Below - The initial white dummy designed by Nick Denchfield the paper engineer. Nick can do incredible things with paper and cardboard. This is the starting point of the project for me, basically it's like a three dimensional blank canvas for me to work on. 
This shows how the model basically works. The book folds out to create four distinct sections. The front cover and spine meet and will be held together by a ribbon on the finished printed book (see actual book cover below).
Below are my concept sketches for the four separate sections of the model.
The finished pop-up with various photos of the model below it.
Some of the press-out figures and playing pieces for the model and the included game.
The model reveals itself as you get to the back of the book....
Below - detail of an ink drawing made for a small section of the model.
Various sections and pieces of artwork from the model below.
Just a few of the inhabitants of Spooky Castle...
One of the four floor sections.
A border design for inside the book section.
A collecting card which forms part of the game in the pop-up.
Inside the main tower you will see this on one side.
The End
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